Tesco Group comprises five companies, each specializing in a different industry.

While we operate in a variety of different business areas, all of our companies share the same vision and goals. We strive to create added value for our clients by fully understanding their needs and offering them the best solutions in the market. 

We are constantly searching for innovation and new paths to explore. We believe that the companies that will rise above the rest in the years to come, will be those that are open to change; those that are not afraid to evolve and adapt quickly. 

Tesco Food Technologies, formerly Tesco Engineering, is a Greek Food Technology company. Since 1963, TFT has been offering end-to-end packaging, cooling & processing solutions, as well as factory equipment and quality control for companies in the food & drink market. TFT’s dedication to progress and technology, combined with a passion for quality, has established the company as the preferred choice for professionals in the food & drink industry.

Formerly Tesco Energy, Inergion specializes in the energy sector, offering end-to-end production, management and energy storage solutions in Greece and abroad. Inergion offers top quality photovoltaic panels and inverters, as well as integrated systems for energy storage and energy management. The company’s mission is to ensure long term high performance for its clients, by providing top quality solutions, services and equipment.

Paradeisos A.E. specializes in energy development and production. The company owns more than 50 photovoltaic panels, producing more than 1,500 kilowatts.

Sifnos House specializes in tourism & hospitality. It comprises 14 high-quality residences in Kamares, Sifnos island, that combine the comforts of home with the luxury of a high-end hotel. A key characteristic of Sifnos House is the the minimal, cycladic architecture that is in complete harmony with the natural landscape of the island. In addition to residences, Sifnos House also offers a space for spa treatments, making the destination a true haven of wellness and relaxation.

Tescosmetics specializes in the retail and distribution of professional cosmetics in the Greek market, offering a wide variety of well-known brands such as Keratherapy, Ikoo-Brush, Leciel Paris, Uniq One and Orofluido. Through the retail and distribution of high quality products, the company strives to offer maximum customer satisfaction to its consumer base — while evolving constantly, thanks to the continuous training and growth of its personnel.


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Marousi, Athens

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