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· Turn-key project suppliers to the largest and most prominent feta cheese production plant.

· Largest automated greek dairy and one of the most modern plants in Europe.

· Processing lines, pasteurising, homogenising, deodorising, central control units and CIP systems, at milk collection points and greek dairies.

· Pasteurising and processing units for fruit juice and long-life fruit and vegetable juices.

· Ice cream plants all over Greece.

· Most modern and automated traditional greek cheese production plant in Greece.


· Thousands of square meters of cold stores (metal structures covered by polyurethane sandwich panels).

· Installation of industrial refrigeration at the largest meat and poultry processing plants.

· Deep freeze tunnels for meat, poultry, vegetables and ice cream.

· Low temperature cold stores for ice cream, frozen vegetables and ready meals.

· Mobile racking systems for the storage of chilled or frozen products on pallets.

· Conditioning rooms for the ripening and cooling of semi-hard and hard cheeses.

· Distribution centres for the storage of raw and frozen products in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.